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Cafina - Cañamo y Fibras naturales

Cultivando tu bienestar
Growing your wellness

Cafina - Cañamo y Fibras naturales

Cultivando tu bienestar
Growing your wellness

Cafina - Cañamo y Fibras naturales

Cultivando tu bienestar
Growing your wellness


It is a pleasure to introduce you to CAFINA ( Cáñamo and Fibras Naturales SL), it is a Spanish private company based in the Valencian Community with more than 5 years of activity in the sector of industrial hemp, dedicated and specialized in the exploitation of the integral crop of Certified varieties of hemp, to genetic research and development of products derived from Cannabis Sativa L. and other medicinal plants. CAFINA is located in Callosa del Segura, District of the Vega Alta Province of Alicante.

We are one of the first companies to obtain authorization from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products ( AEMPS ) to grow Cannabis Sativa L. for research and marketing purposes using certified seeds registered in the catalog of varieties of agricultural plant species. of the European Union and cataloged for industrial use, for the production “Of flowers and the extraction of their cannabinoids”.

For years we have obtained optimal results of production and quality in our products, implementing the best controls in our crops, through a strict and continuous monitoring throughout the process.

We have different agricultural farms throughout the Valencian Community where we can better adapt each genetic to the different climatic and pedological conditions to achieve maximum performance.

Our research in the field has focused on the best cultivation techniques and the meticulous selection of the best genetics, to achieve the maximum productive performance in cannabinoids.


In the Valencian Community and more specifically in Callosa de Segura ; city of the Region of the Vega Baja del Segura, which was the first Spanish producer of threads, ropes and networks of hemp fibers, so this very rich ethological sample and the whole that compose it is an Intangible Cultural Property. In fact, currently the municipality is awaiting the declaration of intangible cultural interest (BIC) to the works of hemp and also processes its cataloging as a World Heritage Site. From the 5th century BC Until the end of the 19th century, 90% of the ropes and sails used in the naval industry and the vast majority of fishing nets were manufactured with hemp. Nowadays it is still very used in boats because of its great resistance and durability against humidity and climatic variations. Since the Middle Ages, there is an area ( La Vega Baja del Segura ) , in the province of Alicante), whose history and economy are linked to hemp, being its commercial capital the city of Callosa de Segura. This city, among its titles, counts with “Ciudad del Cáñamo” (Hemp’s City ). It was home to the world’s largest production of hemp threads, ropes and nets and in its cultural offer has the “School of Hemp Works” , which teaches the entire process, from the seed-based cultivation to the production of threads and ropes. It also has the only museum in the world dedicated to this plant, the “Museo Etnológico del Cáñamo”.

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Obtaining flowers rich in cannabinoids.
Sale of monoecious and certified hemp seeds.


Orientation in cultivation techniques and legal procedures to public and private entities.


Collaboration with organizations, organizations and foundations dedicated to the study of cannabis sativa l. Offering both technical and human support.


At CAFINA we are involved and strive to promote and disseminate cannabis for therapeutic use to its potential users, offering them the highest quality standards that medical technology can offer us.
CAFINA dedicates a large part of its resources to carrying out studies and research, since we are completely convinced that cannabis can find the solutions and answers needed in multiple fields of industry and society.

Research, genetic selection and varietal.

In this field, CAFINA is committed to genetic improvement and varietal selection, carrying out studies and projects aimed at selecting specimens with high contents in minority cannabinoids such as THCV, CBDV, CBG, CBN, without forgetting the main cannabinoids CBD and THC, much more studied.

The purpose of these investigations will be the inclusion of the varieties obtained in a European register (Community Plant Variety Office CPVO) and in a Spanish registry (Registry of Protected and Commercial Varieties).


Testing of varieties of hemp in La Vega Baja del Segura. (Jorge García Hernández)

Study on the ecological cultivation of hemp for industrial and pharmaceutical use. (J.Parra Galant, J. Bartual Martos)

Use of medicinal Cannabis and possible industrial applications

CAFINA in its eagerness to offer the best services, does not stop innovating and applying the latest and most innovative advances in the world of cannabis in its products. From these studies and collaborations, CAFINA will develop a series of nutritional supplements designed to help in ailments and disorders; among many other applications of Cannabis Sativa L.
Hemp offers a wide variety of benefits ranging from job creation and economic development to certain medical and wellness applications. It is also used to make excellent fabrics and offers a sustainable alternative to the construction industry.